Uppsala University Library.
Sturtzenbecker collection.
Cartographic sketch-book based on Piri Reis' "Kitab-i Bahriye" 'Book of maritime matters'.
Problematic identifications of places.


Nr Map with text. Click to get larger image Comment
1_64 1_64 Coast of Morocco. Among localities possibly Hunein (Nemours).
1_65 1_65 Coast of Morocco. Offshore fortress is possibly Peñon de Velez.
1_81 1_81 Possibly Marseille.
1_93 1_93 Interpreted as: Branu, Saint Nichola strait, Catalini. These localities are unidentified, but should be on the Adriatic Sea not far from Venice.
1_100 1_100

Interpretation: Pasas (Panagia) Island? Around Çesme – Izmir, and Chios.

This seems to me little probable, so I need confirmation.


1_105 1_105 Interpretation: Town of Methana on a peninsula at the NE coast of the Peloponnese. I need confirmation.
1_108 1_108

Interpretation: Inebolu on the Black Sea coast of Anatolia.

This is little probable, rather a location in the Adriatic or Aegean.


1_109 1_109

Interpretation: Etna Bay (Aetna Bay), Bruno Port? (On Sicily?).

I cannot find these localities. Rather somewhere in the Adriatic or Aegean.