Philipp Franz Gudenus' Panorama of Constantinople 1741

This panorama is almost 4 m long and is put together from 10 sheets. It was drawn in 1741 by Philipp Franz Gudenus, who was secretary to the Austrian embassy and took part at peace negotiations in 1740-41. The viewpoint is the Swedish Palace in the Pera district. It was engraved by Johann Gottfried Thelot and was included in the highly rare: Collection des Prospects et Habillemens en Turquie, issued ca 1742. The Royal Library copy is the only one in an official collection. It is hand-coloured, mounted on cloth and rolled onto two metal bars.

The panorama comprises the city of Constantinople, Galata and Scutari seen from lofty Pera in view extending from the Dolmabahçe district and the Tophane cannon foundry over the Serail to Tersane, the marine arsenal on the Golden Horn and to S. Dimitri, a Greek village north of Pera. The cityscape is the main object, but the landscape and the sky are also emphasized. It thus constitutes a link between the early views of the city and the 18th century paintings with their emphasis on the landscape.

There is a text in French at the bottom with explanations to the numbers denoting the various buildings.

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